Our theorem concept

Theorems provide simple answers to complex problems. In ancient times, mathematical theorems were used to scale buildings and build tax systems. Today, our theorem 'Excite' solves for modern challenges when growing businesses overseas.

What is Excite?

Excite offers a controlled growth environment for ambitious SMEs seeking to thrive in China. The nutrients provided are formulated to support end-to-end product development, capital growth, relocation, and market entry. 

Selecting rare strains for colony growth

Before transplanting clients to China, we ensure they are of a pedigree that is engineered for success. Excite pre-selects for ambitious SMEs with strong market leadership potential that align to the China landscape. Together we build the step-by-step case studies that help our client's colony to flourish in a foreign kingdom.


Encoding the China opportunity at the germ stage

We inoculate our clients from the Proof-of-Concept stage, where SMEs are at their most versatile, adaptive, and high potential. By immersing SMEs in a foreign environment early on, we encode the China opportunity into their DNA, and encourage them to differentiate themselves in lock step with China's evolving market needs.  

Optimising the SME nutrient formulation

We nourish our clients with our special dose of growth mix. Our partner sourcing combines the strengths of validated local law, tax, and IP experts alongside government support, industrial partners, and investment groups. 

Dialling in to market hot spots 

Integrating into our China ecosystem allows SMEs to map their signature offerings to hot spots in the China market, while adapting where necessary. With confidence, SMEs can then begin to unravel their full offering and replicate to fill their target market.