Excite e-Roadshow in a nutshell:

  • Technical meetings: for 1 hr, 5-20 attendees will discuss 1-2 Healthcare projects (talk + Q&A).
  • Tech presenters & delegates will have prior access to synopsis / evaluation, & attendee info. 
  • For China-targeted presentations, multiple e-roadshow webinars will cover key China regions.
  • All webinars will be free to attend for the selected participants, and held via videoconferencing.

Sinan's bespoke offering to Excite SMEs:

  • Personalised precision matching with pre-selected Chinese investment groups, industrial corporations, and regional government.
  • Experts cover in areas such as: IP, tax, legal, translation, HR, to lower barriers to relocation and set-up.
  • Sinan provides further services to support 'phase two' growth beyond Excite.

How are the Excite China partners chosen?

The Excite programme is invite-only to Chinese partners. The selection procedure is as follows:

  1. China partners are selected in line with Sinan's client-specific partnering activities.
  2. Sinan performs a due diligence screen on these partners (telecon, site visit, company track record check).
  3. Sinan confirms specific interest by China partner in SME client, and fully evaluates alignment.
  4. Official invitation letter is sent to Chinese partners to attend the Excite programme.