Excite Guangzhou 2017

Excite Guangzhou 2017

The 7 SMEs selected from among Sinan’s client portfolio in Western Europe each demonstrated perfect alignment with Guangzhou’s designated ‘AIB roadmap’, which covers the Hi-Tech areas of Artificial Intelligence & Biomedicine. All 7 of the SMEs are engaged in PhD-level product development and are considering China market entry as a priority for their international growth.

Structuring a China Entry

Foreign Hi-Tech SMEs entering China are witnessing the birth of a new market unparalled in scale and governance. Guangzhou has clearly defined an AIB sector strategy, and unlike in matured Western markets, in China the dots are still being filled in. This means that for SMEs selecting China as a priority market, an attractive incentive package exists to structure a successful China market entry for first-movers.

Key regional policy incentives for Hi-Tech SMEs cover:

Each AIB-aligned zone in Guangzhou will differ in the exact package. Incoming SMEs will notice that 100s of incubators have emerged to aggregate local resources and provide start-up support. Through Excite, Sinan recommends and executes the following phased China entry strategy with our clients  

Excite – Accelerating China Market Entry

Our 2-week China entry programme operates Chinawide 3-5 times a year and delivers investment / export outcomes for our clients in 3 phases of execution:

Phase I – Client Localisation (in advance of visit):

• Selection of top Chinese partners with alignment.

• Partner interview & initial discussions to assess fit.

• Working with client to tailor China business strategy.

Phase II – Sinan Excite (on the ground in China):

• Selection of key cities & districts relevant to client.

• Client meetings with key investors & corporates.

• Lobbying of local government for client incentives.

Phase III – Follow-up (during / after Excite):

• Close financing / export outcomes with partners.

• Submit client proposals for government incentives.

• Set-up and jointly manage client entity in China.

Integrating SMEs into Guangzhou’s Roadmap

Excite SMEs spent 1-2 weeks in Guangzhou meeting carefully selected Chinese investors and commercial partners in the AI-Biomedicine (AIB) space. The meetings supported China market entry and fundraising.

Key outcomes included:

• 3-5 core corporate investors attracted per client.

• 1 investor at least confirmed intent to invest.

• Personalised tours of key AIB development zones.

• Assessment of government grants & incentives.

• Tailored entity set up discussions.

• Ongoing closing of financing & export deals.

Each meeting was pre-arranged and took place in a 1-to-1 or invite-only pitch event format.

3-5 Core Investors
¥5-50m financing rounds
3 zones entry locations