Who is eligible to attend?

  • innovative EU SMEs with ambitions to enter the Chinese market,
  • possessing at least a prototype product,
  • able to fund their own flight and accommodation costs for the duration of their China stay.

Application deadline

Enrolment for Excite Shenzhen ends February 28th 2018. Sinan hosts several Excite China 2018 programmes, for which enrolment is open year round.  

Selection procedure:

(1) Applications must be submitted before the enrolment deadline. Late applications will be automatically considered for subsequent Excite 2018 programmes.

(2) Selection round 1: the EU selection committee will conduct technical due diligence, alignment analysis, phone interviews and/or site visits to evaluate applicants. Successful applicants will be required to engage us under Excite contracts to enter into selection round 2. Excite contracts are success fee-based. 

(3) Selection round 2: for applicants progressing to selection round 2, the Excite team will create applicant brochure materials to promote your business in Chinese, and pass on to our Chinese selection committee. This committee will be composed of pre-selected investors, industrial partners, and government bodies.

(4) Invitation to attend the Excite programme: An official invitation letter will be sent to applicants completing selection round 2, and scheduling of direct meetings with members of the Chinese selection committee will commence.