Excite! e-Roadshow webinars are regular invite-only webinar events held by Sinan Compass & Partners. As an efficient online portal, our webinars introduce growth portfolios in Healthcare to fast-adopter markets. Our e-Roadshows regularly host global industry leaders from among: investment groups, CEOs, corporate BD&L executives, and R&D Heads. 


As a touchpoint for cross-border market access & dealmaking, Excite! connects emerging markets, healthcare technology, and the supply chains required for fast-adoption.


Key Features: 

• Investors, industry & technical leadership are handpicked for small remote gatherings.

• In-depth updates showcase active growth opportunities in pharma, medical, & biotech. 

• Evaluate real-time market access, growth, & value creation opportunities in China, Europe, US.


About Excite: 

'Excite' is a concept offering of Sinan Compass Ltd., designed to energise innovative thought leaders into the outer spheres of their potential. In quantum physics, excited states are elevated states of capabilities above the resting state. By providing the right energisation, innovative thought leaders attending Excite will reach their full potential and explore new energy spheres.


excite·Guangzhou·2017 (offline event) was successfully held in Guangzhou's Tianhe District between 1st - 15th Dec, 2017. 7 SMEs from across the UK, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy incubated in Guangzhou for 2 weeks. All of the attending SMEs, during Excite, have found their target Chinese partners and investors. Please click this link for a detailed report.